The Youth & Family Ministry aims to assist parents in their quest to help their children mature into adults who love God and demonstrate this love for God by striving to live a holy life.

Here are some of the objectives the Youth & Family Ministry strives to achieve:

  1. Teach all family members to practice godliness
  2. Teach our youth how to read, understand and apply the Bible
  3. Help families build Godly relationships
  4. Teach our youth to develop spiritual relationships with peers
  5. Provide opportunities for our youth to have righteous and wholesome fun (through Bible-based devotionals, game nights and fun events throughout the year such as our youth summer camp at Camp Swamp)
  6. Help families to anticipate and prepare for the many inevitable transitions that come our way as we grow older and mature
  7. Inspire families to love and embrace the larger spiritual family that God has blessed us with, also known as the Church