Dear Fayetteville Church Family:

Season’s Greeting! Christmas is a time of faith, family, and festivity. Reminders of Christ are all around us! We’re reminded by countless special traditions to live by the Golden Rule, and it’s a time when loving one another is given renewed emphasis. Ah, Christmas!

Unfortunately, that’s not always the way it works out! The busyness of the season and the hiatus from healthy habits that we’re tempted to indulge in can lead us to relegating God to a lesser priority. When we allow this to happen, the results are never good! At best, our failure to remain focused on our faith can leave us feeling guilty, dull, or just plain ‘worn out.’ At worst, our failure to remain focused on our faith can open the door to Satan’s attacks, and we fall into sin. In either case, when we stop focusing on God, we put ourselves in a precarious position. While nobody intends to start the New Year in a hole, oftentimes that’s exactly what happens.

Given the challenges and opportunities that come with the Christmas season, we thought it might be helpful if we tried something a little different. Attached you will find three weeks of quiet times that are designed to provide some much-needed structure to help us in our quest to stay close to God and one another.

  • Week 1, entitled Preparation and Anticipation, begins on Monday, December 18th. It is designed to keep our faith strong by focusing our hearts and minds on the birth of Christ.
  • Week 2, entitled Remembrance and Reflection, begins on Monday, December 25th. It is designed to help us develop a Godly perspective on the happenings of 2017.
  • Week 3, entitled Decision and Dedication, begins on Monday, January 1st. It is designed to help us approach 2018 with a purposeful confidence that springs from a deep relationship with God.

It is our sincere desire that doing these quiet times together as a church will help us all stay close to God and one another. It is our hope that each of us is reminded daily of the wonderful life that God has granted each of us who chooses to live in Christ!

Click here to download and begin the “It’s A Wonderful Life” Holiday Devotional Series!