The Parables of Jesus

“He began to teach them many things in parables.” – Mark 4:2 Jesus often taught in parables; life changing, heart piercing, gut wrenching stories. These amazing and thought-provoking stories help us uncover important spiritual truths often hidden in...


Worship Service for Sunday, May 24th. Join us this Sunday, May 24th, as Duncan Comrie preaches a message on Finding Joy in times of Suffering.

Streaming Services

The Fayetteville Church is now streaming our services!   Topic: Sunday Worship Service Date: 29 November, 2020 Time: Sunday, 10:27 am Watch on YouTube or watch below

Crossing The Line: Culture, Race, and Kingdom

God has given us the gift of diversity with the hope that all ethnic groups, genders, races, etc. can be united by the cross of Jesus Christ.  This workshop is intended to help us love one another more deeply by increasing our understanding of Biblical teachings...