We believe in team leadership. Jesus is the Chief Shepherd and Leader of our church.  Our leadership team is comprised of men and their wives with different gifts who serve under His authority and are responsible for the vision and spiritual shepherding of His church. (Ephesians 4:1-16)


Ted and Jacki Campagna


Ted and Jacki were married in 1987 and moved to Fayetteville in 2000. They have three beautiful adult daughters; Sarah, Anna and Cassie. Ted is retired after a career in the United States Army and currently serves as minister/evangelist overseeing our Youth and Family Ministries.

Ted Campagna
Email: TedCampagna@yahoo.com

Jacki Campagna
Email: Jacki.Campagna@yahoo.com



James and Carol Jones

Jones couple

James and Carol were married in 1991 and are from the Lumberton and Clinton areas of North Carolina. They moved to Fayetteville in 2003 and have two beautiful children; Ashlyn and Hunter. James is a mechanical engineer and serves as ministry leader to our group of senior members “The Eagles.“

James Jones 
Email: James_JonesNC@hotmail.com

Carol Jones
Email: CarolJonesNC@hotmail.com



Don and Michelle Maharty

Maharty couple

Don and Michelle were married in 1992 and have lived in Fayetteville since 1996. They have raised two beautiful children; Alexis and Joshua.  Don served in the United States Army and is currently a physician and professor. Don serves as minister/evangelist and oversees our Singles and Campus ministries.

Don Maharty 
Email: DMMaharty@yahoo.com

Michelle Marharty
Email: MichelleMaharty@yahoo.com