Come and join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Acts is the only biblical book that chronicles the history of the Holy Spirit working in the church immediately after Jesus’s ascension into heaven. As such, it provides us with valuable accounts of a person’s conversion and how the church focused on the mission to grow and spread out from Jerusalem into the rest of the Roman Empire. In only three decades, a small group of dedicated baptized believers in Jerusalem transformed into an empire-wide movement of disciples.  

Many “modern churches” of today have drifted and Satan continues to deceive and lead the whole world astray. Come and plainly see how someone is converted into a true believer.  Rediscover and reignite the  purpose and mission for your life in the amazing Church of Jesus Christ.

Watch/Listen Here:

          • Introduction – James Jones – Wednesday, 6 March        Vimeo
          • Mission Essentials – Ted Campagna – Sunday, 10 March        Audio
          • Plan of Salvation – James Jones – Sunday, 17 March        AudioVimeo
          • Faith And Family – Ted Campagna – Wednesday, 20 March        Audio | Vimeo
          • The Church That Would Not Remain Silent – Don Maharty – Wednesday, 24 March        Presentation
          • Choosing The Seven – Ted Campagna – Sunday, 14 April        AudioVimeo
          • Stephen: God’s Humble Servant – Ted Campagna – Wednesday, 17 April       AudioVimeo
          • The Heart Of The Matter – Don Maharty – Sunday, 21 April      AudioVimeo
          • The Man And God’s Plan – Don Maharty – Sunday, 28 April       Audio | Vimeo
          • The Holy Spirit – James Jones – Wednesday, 1 May       Audio | Vimeo
          • All In The Family – Don Maharty – Sunday, 5 May       AudioVimeo
          • The Holy Spirit Part 3 – James Jones – Wednesday, 8 May       Audio | Vimeo
          • Love Like A Mom – Ted Campagna – Sunday, 12 May       Audio | Vimeo
          • Acts Of Generosity – Ted Campagna – Sunday, 19 May       Audio | Vimeo