Mothers Through God’s Eyes

Don Maharty May 13, 2018

This sermon explores the nature of God and how he created mankind in his image of both male and female traits. (Genesis 1:27)

We will walk through the Old Testament and see how God is serious about each generation loving and  honoring their mothers. We will interact with the stories of Isaac & Rebecca and Jacob’s family line and see how God chose to work perfectionion through imperfect people.

Lastly , we will look at the characteristics of Jesus Christ in Phillipians chapter 2:1-9  through the lens  of the attributes of a mother.  We will understand how many characteristics of Christ parallel  godly motherhood. 

We will finally learn that only Christ can be “perfect” and the “savior of our children..”

We all  desperately need the grace of Christ in our lives and the cross to make us whole.

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